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About Khalid Seddiq

Khalid Seddiq Al Mutawa was born on June 26, 1961 in the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Khalid is a creator and an avid lover of art in any form, he loves collecting antiques. He is also loves hunting and goes hunting as and when possible.

Khalid himself being a simple man has designed many uniques an intersting things including but not limiting to the following.

He has designed Silver coin for H.H. Shk. Zayed al Nahyan (late President of UAE) with his sayings. The coin was contributed to the General Headquarters. He also designed various very complex and differnt types Arabic Calligraphy with the saying of H.H. Shk. Zayed’s by the famous Arabic Artist who has a unique ability to create with both left and right hand.

Khalid has made a special design of Art made of bronze called “A LOCAL MAN” wearing their traditional dress.
The first one is a man carrying a Falcon, the second one is with a stick and the third is with a Long gun.
It is mainly designed to be given as gifts to VIP visitors of the Sheikhs.
Khalid is designing watchs for “ALFARO” with names in Arabic calligraphy. ALFARO watches are registered and manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland.

Khalid also runs an antique gallery called “Etihad Gallery” selling authinticated antiques, meteorites, fossils.
He also collects islamic antiques.


Khalid Seddiq Al Mutawa
P.O. Box # 52050
Abu Dhabi, UAE
phone: +971 2 644 4366
mobile: +971 50 622 1333
fax: +971 2 644 4126
email: info@khalidseddiq.com

If you have any questions regarding my works,
you can contact me by calling or e-mailing me
and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!